Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Nursing Home 2

Nursing homes and other care facilities should be safe places for the elderly and those needing special care. They are required to follow the rules set forth in the Illinois Nursing Home Care Reform Act. Unfortunately, some nursing homes are negligent in providing care, and the residents may be injured as a result. A lawsuit was recently filed by a family against Lexington Health Care Center of Orland Park, alleging negligent care in the death of a woman resident. The lawsuit, filed in Cook County, states that the nursing home violated the Nursing Home Care Reform Act, which led to the woman’s deteriorating health and ultimate death.

Physical Deterioration

The woman who died had allegedly suffered injuries over a period of time, which caused her medical condition to deteriorate. While older people generally have some health issues, their overall physical wellbeing can worsen more quickly when they suffer injuries. In this case, the woman reportedly was not properly supervised and was hurt as a result. For example, when an older person falls he or she may have bruises, broken bones, and even head trauma. A fractured hip is one of the most common injuries among the elderly, and one of the most difficult to heal.

Allegations against the Nursing Home

The lawsuit in this case specifies some allegations against the nursing home.

· Failure to Provide Adequate Supervision · Failure to Provide Adequate Maintenance · Failure to Provide Personal Care · Failed to Hire Properly Trained and Competent Staff · Failed to Notify a Physician in a Timely Manner
These allegations are very serious and indicate negligence on the part of the providers. Nursing homes must be properly staffed to care for the needs of their residents. They also must train the staff to supervise and assist residents with their daily needs. One of the most common problems occurs when a resident has developed a medical condition that goes unnoticed by staff. Failure to promptly seek medical attention can worsen the problem and make treatment more difficult.

Nursing Home Neglect

When improper care leads to a severe injury or death, it may be considered nursing home neglect. Those who are hurt because of neglect in a care facility may be able to file a claim to seek compensation for damages. Damages may include medical expenses, additional care costs, and pain and suffering. In this case, the family is also seeking compensation for the loss of companionship, society, services, and comfort. Those who wish to file a claim must usually do so within a time limit of two years from the time of the neglect or death. Many of these types of cases are settled before they go to court. An experienced attorney will work on your behalf to negotiate a fair result. In this case, the family is requesting a jury trial, according to the paperwork that was filed.

If your loved one was hurt or died as a result of neglect in a nursing home, call the skilled lawyers at Levin & Perconti to learn your options.

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