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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Chicago Nursing Home

The Chicago nursing home neglect lawyersat our firm were not surprised to open the paper recently and see an article about a new wrongful death lawsuit filed against the Rainbow Beach Nursing Center on the city’s south side. We have previously worked with families whose loved one suffered after being neglected at this very facility. The repeat problems is a testament to the fact that poor care is often connected to cultures of inadequate care at a home, where the owners and operators are more concerned with maximizing their profit than providing the support residents’ need.

Illinois Wrongful Death Suit
According to an article in the Chicago Tribune on this latest legal case, the issue related to a medication error. The family of a former resident of the facility filed suit claiming that their loved one’s death was caused by a fatal medication overdose. In particular, the article discussing the matter suggests that two different doctors working with the female-resident gave her inappropriate doses and dangerous combinations of drugs which together caused the deadly outcome. The suit claims that these errors, along with a failure to properly monitor a change in condition, led to the senior’s passing.

Unfortunately, medication errors and communication problems between caregivers is not a rare occurrence. That is particularly true at the poorest performing facilities in our area. It would seem to go without saying that all caregivers, from front-line aides to doctors and nurses, must all be on the same page at all times to ensure no lapses or problems go unnoticed.

Far too often that is not the case.

Instead, caregivers often fail to communicate with one another. This allows two doctors to prescribe different medications that are dangerous when taken together. It also allows care workers to fail to see changes in a patient’s condition over time, consequently leading to a failure to ensure the senior gets the help they need. When a worker goes home at the end of a shift and the replacement comes in, it is absolutely vital that the transition include information on how residents conditions have progressed throughout the day. It cannot be considered a “clean slate” for the new employee, because, for the resident, a condition might have been slowly getting worse.

When caregivers fail in these sorts of tasks and a resident is severely injured (or killed), then the law provides an avenue for recourse. As in this case, often a wrongful death suit is filed to compensate the family’s loved ones for their own unique losses after a relative’s passing. It must never be forgotten that it is not just the senior themselves who suffers. A vast network of family and extended family feel the impact of an untimely death quite acutely. Their pain and suffering must be respected.

Legal Help
Residents at the Rainbow Beach Nursing Center deserve the same reasonable standard of care as received by all Illinois nursing home residents. There is never an excuse for caregivers to allow vulnerable community members to wallow in poor conditions and suffer serious (even life-threatening) problems as a result. Nursing home falls, bed sores, and other preventable injuries must be eliminated. If you or someone you know may have suffered one of these accidents, be sure to contact the Illinois neglect lawyers at our firm to hold the facility accountable. It is only when the families of the neglected residents step forward that any real changes are made. Do not stay silent. Act now.

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