Wrongful Death Claim Made Against Nursing Home

A family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a nursing care facility claiming negligence caused the death of a resident. The man was a resident of Southpoint Nursing and Rehabilitation Center where he allegedly suffered improper care that led to his death. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County and is requesting a jury trial and damages of more than $50,000.

Development of Pressure Ulcers

The man in this case developed pressure ulcers that contributed to his death. Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, are ulcers that develop on areas of the body that are in contact with bed linens. They often form on patients who are bedridden or unable to properly move by themselves while in bed. The result is a bedsore that can easily worsen and become infected. Pressure sores are almost always a sign of nursing home neglect.

Failure to Supervise

The man also suffered a serious fall that caused him to fracture his arm. Falls in nursing homes can cause severe injuries and can almost always be prevented. The nursing home staff should monitor and supervise residents and assist them to avoid falls. When a fall does happen it can cause bone fractures, especially to the elderly whose bones are often weaker and more brittle. When a bone fracture happens to an older person it can require a lengthy and difficult recovery process and may lead to complications.

Improper Care Causes Bedsores

Caregivers must provide proper assistance to those who are bedridden. If the patient is unable to move by themselves the staff must reposition the person on a regular basis. This repositioning is necessary to keep painful bedsores from forming. Once a bedsore forms it can be quite hard to treat and it will worsen if left untreated. It must be diagnosed and treated quickly in order to keep it from deepening and becoming infected. An infection can get into the bloodstream and injure the patient’s organs.

Care Plan Required for Pressure Sore Patients

Patients who are at high risk for bedsores should be examined for them regularly. If a bedsore is noticed it should be brought to the attention of a doctor immediately. The physician should provide a treatment care plan that must be followed by caregivers. The plan includes how to treat the sores that have already formed as well as how to prevent future sores from forming. The staff must take care to ensure that any bedsore that has already been noted is not allowed to become worse.

Wrongful Death

In this situation, the nursing home resident died after complications from injuries caused by neglectful care. The nursing home is responsible for providing proper care. When they fail to do so they are likely negligent and a wrongful death lawsuit may be necessary. The victim’s family is entitled to damages incurred because of the negligent care. This may include medical costs and money for pain and suffering and other expenses. Those who were injured because of nursing home neglect may wish to discuss the case with the experienced legal team at Levin & Perconti.

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