Woman Sues Nursing Home for Neglect in Mother’s Death

A woman has filed a lawsuit against a Homewood nursing facility for the death of her mother following neglectful care. The woman filed the lawsuit against Manor Care of Homewood, IL and Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey, IL. According to the lawsuit, the mother was in their care while she developed bedsores. The bedsores became severely infected which caused sepsis, which led to her death. The woman is seeking damages in excess of $50,000 which includes medical costs, surgical care, money for pain and suffering, and for disability and disfigurement. In cases of nursing home neglect, victims and their families can get the compensation they deserve with help from an experienced nursing home abuse and neglect attorney.

Bedsores Are Serious
When most people think of bedsores they likely think of them as annoying and little else. However, bedsores are actually quite serious and as they progress can become a source of infection in the elderly. Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, are caused by the continual rubbing on the skin, such as the bed sheets rubbing on the elbows, back, and heels. The result can be painful and dangerous sores that are hard to treat and often lead to more severe problems. Pressure ulcers are all too common in nursing homes yet they are signs of possible neglect. Patients must be turned or moved periodically to prevent these sores from occurring. If they show up, it is highly likely that the care workers are being neglectful.

Pressure Ulcers are Signs of Nursing Home Abuse
Pressure ulcers start out as simple red marks, which are called stage one. Stage two pressure sores are redder and painful. They are beginning to go deeper but the skin is not yet broken. Stage three bedsores are those where the skin is broken and the under layers of tissue begin to become affected. The sores may be infected at this stage and immediate treatment is essential. In the final stage, stage four, bedsores are deep and may reach the bone. Infection is likely at this point. One of the most dangerous things about pressure ulcers is that once they become infected they are hard to heal and the infection can easily spread and turn to sepsis.

Sepsis Infections
Sepsis is a serious infection that has spread to the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, sepsis causes a multitude of medical problems which may be life-threatening. Sepsis often results in damage to the major organs of the body and once it has taken hold it is quite difficult, if not impossible, to treat. It is estimated that approximately half of the patients with sepsis die as a result. Septic shock can occur and this can be fatal very quickly. Sepsis is often more harmful to the elderly than to younger individuals.

Help For Victims of Nursing Home Negligence
Nursing homes should be considered safe places for our elderly relatives. Yet all too often, negligence occurs, even in some of the most expensive facilities. Negligence may happen due to lack of training, staff shortage, or simply carelessness. Whatever the reason, negligence in nursing homes is never acceptable. If your loved one suffered injuries or died because of negligence in a nursing home it is possible to collect money for damages incurred. This may include money for medical costs, pain and suffering, as well as legal fees. Contact the experienced attorneys at Levin & Perconti to discuss your case today.

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