Woman Complained About Nursing Home, Allegedly Jailed in Response

A woman claiming to have been jailed as retaliation for complaining about the care her mother was receiving at a nursing home has now sued both the home and the city. Maxine Veatch and her sister sued Bartels Retirement Community where their elderly mother has lived since 2004. She alleges false imprisonment and malicious prosecution against the city, but also nursing home neglect against the long term care facility. At issue in the nursing home negligence claim are medication errors and a lack of cleanliness. After raising their complaints with managers of the home, the sisters allege that the administrators of the nursing home put together a book with accusations against the sisters. The nursing has already been cited by the state for 11 violations since 2004 and last year those inspecting alleged a high rate of medication errors and staffing problems regarding nursing services. Veatch’s arrest stemmed from an incident at the home where her she states that her mother collapsed in her arms, causing Veatch to swing her into a nearby wheelchair. Staff at the nursing home reported that Veatch had shoved her mother into a wheelchair, and Veatch was issued a citation for assault and jailed for 23 hours, then barred from the nursing home for over a year, her sister barred for 8 months. While Veatch was acquitted of the assault charge, she was classified by the Department of Human Services in her state as an abuser, but she won an appeal where an administrative judge found that she had actually aided her mother.

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