Widow Suing Spring Creek Nursing and Rehab in Joliet Over Husband’s Death

An Orland Park widow is suing Spring Creek Nursing and Rehab Center in Joliet over their alleged negligence that led to the death of her husband in April of this year. Dianne Casper, the widow of Edward Casper, said he was just 75 when he entered the facility after having hip surgery. According to the lawsuit, Edward Casper’s record at Spring Creek documented that he was suffering from dementia, ‘increased cognitive impairment,’ as well as at risk for falls.

Excessive Number of Falls Within Two Months
The lawsuit alleges that from his admission date on January 31, 2017 to his death in April, he fell 28 times at the facility. His final fall in early March caused him to fracture his other hip, which resulted in an immediate hospital transfer and surgery. He died one month after that fall.

As part of a standard care plan for a patient at risk for falls or recovering from any surgery that affects mobility, Edward Casper would have needed to be frequently rotated to prevent pressure sores, a condition that, while easily prevented, can just as easily develop if a patient is not properly cared for. Upon his transfer to the hospital, it was discovered that he also was suffering from several of these painful sores, also known as decubitus ulcers or bed sores. Had Spring Creek Nursing and Rehab followed the standard of care for a patient suffering from dementia and limited mobility, they would have first adhered to policies that closely monitored and aided in his movements. They also would have frequently rotated Mr. Casper to prevent pressure ulcers from developing.

Pressure Sores Indicate Poor Care
Anyone who has ever been ill or injured and has had to lie for hours on end knows the pain and discomfort that arises in the body just from the pressure placed on bones, joints, and skin. For most, there is some ability for movement, as well as for bathing and changing clothes and bed linens.

For nursing home residents who are rendered mostly immobile due to the risk of falling, surgeries causing limited mobility, or weakness that prevents them from being able to move about freely, the risk of developing a pressure sore is significantly greater than in other age groups. Infrequent bathing, sitting in soiled clothes and linens adds to the likelihood of developing this painful condition. Residents in this condition are entirely dependent upon the staff entrusted with their care.

The discovery of a pressure sore on a loved one in a nursing home is an upsetting event. It is especially upsetting when you realize that, had the nursing home been following standard accepted practice, the bed sore would never have developed in the first place. You should ask questions if you see a pressure ulcer on a loved one and you should contact an experienced bed sore lawyer.

The attorneys at Chicago, Illinois-based Levin & Perconti have recovered nearly $200 million in nursing home verdicts and settlements for victims and their loved ones, including a record setting $3 million bed sore settlement. Our consultations are free and are handled by one of our nursing home abuse and neglect expert attorneys. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.

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