Voiceless and Vulnerable: New Profiles of Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

Over the last several weeks Kentucky.com has issued a series of stories and reports in an on-going effort to raise awareness of the problems faced by many nursing home residents. From falling victim to the sexual abuse of caregivers to being ignored for hours whiles stuck in bed to everything in between, nursing home resident continue to face a myriad of dangers. Many of these residents are truly vulnerable and voiceless. They depend on caregivers for basic necessities and have nowhere to turn when those caregivers fail in their duty. Our Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers understand the continual need to raise awareness of the plight faced by these often ignored community members.

For example, as part of the watchdog series, the nursing home neglect of a severely mentally disabled man was highlighted. The man’s sister reported the abuse to state officials. She explained that her 49-year old bother does not speak and is dependent on others for even his most basic needs. He was recently moved into a new group home, but he recently little of the care he needed while at the home.

Instead, after moving to the facility the man suffered repeated poor treatment. He lost 30 pounds over the course of his few months there. He was rarely cleaned or bathed. In addition, his sister noticed that he had a series of wounds: an injury to his ribs, problems with his ear, and a cut on his forehead.

The home in question has had a tumultuous history. Last year another resident at the facility was strangled to death. The details around that alleged homicide remain under investigation. Initially another intellectually challenged resident was charged with the murder. However, the charges against that suspect have been dismissed, and police indicate that they may have another suspect.

Far too often long-term care facilities, group homes for the mentally disabled, and similar locations are the site of nursing home abuse and neglect that goes unnoticed. Sadly, many of the victims of that abuse are not able to stand up for themselves. They depend on the close watch and advocacy of their family, friends, and neighbors. Otherwise, the abuse continues and they suffer in silence.

Our Chicago nursing home abuse attorneys refuse to allow these victims to go without a fair shot at justice. The legal system exists to hold accountable those who harm others through their negligent and reckless conduct. All community members have access to this legal system to seek recourse when they are injured through no fault of their own. Nursing home residents are no exception.

In most instances, it is the friends and family members of these residents who visit an attorney, share their concerns, and learn how the civil justice system can provide safety for their loved one, redress for the harm caused, and seek changes to ensure other residents do not suffer similar abuse. Every case begins with a first contact with a legal professional. We encourage all those who want to learn more about the legal rights of vulnerable nursing home residents to contact our office and schedule a free consultation.

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