Victims Share Their Story Following Major Nursing Home Lawsuit

Over the past several months on this blog we closely followed the nursing home lawsuit against Skilled Healthcare. We reported on the mammoth $677 million verdict against the conglomerate following their years of inadequate staffing and care. That award was then converted into a $63 million settlement before the appeal on the original verdict was heard. In addition, the 22 nursing homes managed by Skilled Healthcare were required to abide by the nursing staffing requirement in the future. 42,000 other patients were all part of the nursing home lawsuit against Skilled Healthcare which failed to provided the 3.2 nursing hours per patient per day as required by state law.

Yesterday the Contra Costa Times talked with residents and nurses involved in the suit to get a different perspective on the suit, including information about the lives affected by the poor care given to the vulnerable seniors at the facilities. For example, one 71-year old widow found herself at one of the facilities living in what she described as a living hell because of the chronic understaffing and poor treatment provided by the facility.

Another resident explained how the lack of sufficient nursing employees made it difficult to get even the most basic assistance. When she needed to use the bathroom she pressed a button on the side of her bed. But the nurses were always later and later to arrive. She explains, “I went through hell every night just trying to get a bedpan. If you don’t hold it, well there goes your dignity.”

Our Chicago nursing home attorneys at Levin & Perconti have worked for years with clients similar to the ones involved with this lawsuit. It is a tragic reality that many seniors are forced to live in these circumstances day after day. It is all the more sad that many seniors were living normally on their own before suffering injuries requiring brief rehabilitation at a nursing home. Sadly that rehabilitation turns into a lifetime sentence for many seniors living in bad nursing homes. If you know someone who has fallen into that trap do not let the negligent facility off without repercussion. Contact our nursing home lawyers today.

Please Click Here to read more about personal stories of the victims of this poor nursing home care.

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