Understaffing at nursing homes the result of budgeting, not lack of available employees

An article posted on a legal medicine blog raises an interesting question: would nursing homes be staffed properly if low-paid CNA jobs were available to immigrants? The answer: No. This so-called issue is yet another attempt by Nursing Home Industry lobbyists to put profits over people. Nursing Home owners routinely understaff nursing facilities to cut costs and increase profits. This understaffing is not ther result of a lack of available nursing personnel.

Further, the prevalent understaffing in the nursing home industry is the primary cause of nursing home neglect as patients do not receive quality care when there are not enough health care providers to address patient needs.

Unsurprisingly, Nursing Home Industry lobbyists are once again seeking to divert their practices of profits over people by supplying unsupported and unfounded excuses for their refusal to provide our elderly citizens with quality care and adequate nursing staff.

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