Three Nursing Home Patients are Killed by Chemical Restraints

An attorney general is saying that a nursing home director drugged patients in order to control them. Residents at the nursing home began complaining when the director chemically restrained them with powerful anti-psychotic drugs. Prosecutors say that her methods were so severe that three residents died. One 97-year-old suddenly lost energy. She wouldn’t awake and seemed completely lethargic. Prosecutors now say that she had been given a powerful anti-seizure drug that killed her. The administrator ordered one patient drugged just for glaring at her, and another resident was given medications after tossing a carton of milk. The report notes that some of the nursing home’s residents were dehydrated and dangerously thin. It is even more shocking that this specific administrator had been fired for over-drugging once before at a nearby nursing home. The three defendants who used chemical restraints pled not guilty to nursing home abuse. Unfortunately, over-drugging has become common nationwide. A study shows that anti-psychotics are given to one in every four patients. They seem to be replacing physical restraints, which are now illegal in most states. A FDA official estimates that unnecessary anti-psychotics kill 15,000 nursing home patients each year. To learn more about chemical restraints, please check out the link.

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