Three Accused of Extorting $100,000 from an Elderly Woman

Three people used lies and threats to persuade an elderly woman more than $100,000. The three became acquainted with the victim and came up with a variety of reasons why she needed to give them thousands of dollars at a time from her bank account. Once the flow of money stopped, the three started threats of violence against the elderly woman. They befriended her in the neighborhood so that they trusted them. The three have been charged with grand larceny, conspiracy and aggravated harassment. Experts note that elder abuse is far too common and typically committed by family members, caregivers or others who ingratiate themselves into the victim’s life. The 72-year-old victim would hand over almost $5,000 each month from her bank account. Scam artists and other abusers make themselves indispensable to elderly victims, who might need help or feel lonely. Financial exploitation has become all too commonplace across the country, including Chicago, Illinois. To read more the elderly abuse, please click.

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