Thousands of Fines Doled Out for Nursing Home Neglect

The Des Moines Register reported yesterday on at least five different facilities that each have been fined thousands of dollars because of reported nursing home neglect. The penalties were handed out to the homes for a wide variety of reported of problematic cases, each of which caused significant injury and sometimes death to the involved nursing home residents. The fines were ultimately levied by state officials after investigations into nursing home neglect charges found credible information to prove the claims.

One home involved was fined $24,500 following a series of problems affecting more than one residents. In on case state inspectors found that the employees of the home identified a blister on one resident’s leg last Christmas. The staff members then watched as the blister grew in size, turned black, and emitted odor. However, even though they were well aware of the condition, staff members did little to nothing to cure the problem. In fact, the resident was the one who had to insist on being taken to the doctor to have the problem examined. It was then confirmed that the resident had gangrene and a bone infection. The victim was ultimately required to have the leg amputated above the knee.

The same negligent nursing home was also fined for its conduct that led to another resident falling out of mechanical lift. This spring the residents fell while on the lift. The staff members involved stayed with her for a short time before leaving. When the resident’s daughter came to visit about a half hour later, she found her mother alone on her room floor while bleeding from the head. She stayed with her mother for half an hour before an ambulance was called. The daughter reports that in that time not a single staff member came over to help or check on her loved one.

Other facilities also faced fines for inadequate care being provided. For example, one facility was given a $15,000 fine after a resident was killed following a series of falls. According to reports by inspectors, the resident fell at the home this March, April, and May. Then in June, the victim was found on the floor of the facility and taken to the emergency room. She suffered a fractured skull and had bleeding on the brain. She died about a week later. The inspectors believe that the nursing home failed to properly supervise the resident who was clearly at risk for suffering from these nursing home falls.

Our Illinois nursing home neglect attorneys know that many facilities throughout the country, and including in our area, provide substandard care on a daily basis that takes the lives of our friends and family members. There is simply no excuse for most of these facilities to allow some of these accidents to occur. These Illinois nursing home neglect problems usually originate at facilities that systematically cut corners in order to save money. When there are inadequate staff members or improper training, it is usually only a matter of time before the problem results in actual harm to the residents.

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