Tai Chi May Help Prevent Illinois Nursing Home Falls

Falling is one of the biggest risks facing seniors in many Illinois nursing homes. The vulnerability of elder bodies means that even a single fall can have deadly consequences. It is important for all care givers to take steps to minimize the prevalence of nursing home falls.

Last week the New York Times posted a story providing advice on how falls can be prevented. Interestingly, one tip involves the use of tai chi-the ancient Chinese slow motion exercise. The movement technique has been found to help seniors with balance. The ability of seniors to remain as comfortable with shifts in weight as possible may mean the difference between staying on one’s feet and falling in certain circumstances.

In addition, the confidence instilled in residents after regular tai chi practice has been shown to limit the chance of falls. Recent reports have shown that the mere fear of falling in some seniors has the effect of increase the likelihood that a fall will occur. Therefore, any technique that can lessen that mental fear will have the effect of limiting nursing home falls.

Our Chicago nursing home attorneys at Levin & Perconti have long worked on behalf of victims of tragic nursing home falls. The consequences of these accidents range from broken bones to death. Nursing home employees need to be even more vigilant to ensure that steps are taken so that residents are protected from these dangerous accidents as much as possible. Even slight deviations from the basic standard of care may allow a deadly fall to occur which otherwise would have been prevented. If you or someone you know has fallen at a senior living community, contact a nursing home lawyer to learn what can be done.

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