Swansea Nursing Home Sued for Alleged Resident Fall that Caused Brain Bleed and Fractured Leg

Swansea Rehabilitation and Health Care Center is being sued by the wife and daughter of a 76-year-old resident that had just been admitted to recover from 2 recent falls. Windsor Keller had fallen twice in the 3 months prior to his admittance to Swansea Rehab & Health Care Center and was intended to be a short stay patient who would ultimately return to the independent living community that he and his wife called home.

On December 27, 2017, just 8 days after being admitted, Mrs. Constance Keller went to visit with her husband at Swansea. She discovered her husband in a subdued state, with his leg twisted behind his wheelchair and his teeth falling out. She discovered that he had fallen earlier that day and had him transferred to a local hospital where doctors diagnosed him with a fractured femur (the main bone in the upper leg) and a brain bleed.

No Fall Prevention Measures for Known Fall Risk
In a lawsuit recently filed by the family, it is alleged that Mr. Keller was a known fall risk. He was admitted to Swansea Rehab & Health Care Center to recover from injuries sustained during a fall while getting off a bus just the week before. Less than 3 months prior to that, he had also suffered another fall. The filing notes that Mr. Keller required assistance to stand and to move around and that Swansea should have followed appropriate fall prevention strategies and had staff on hand to assist him. As a result of the injuries sustained during his fall at the facility, Mr. Keller requires assistance with daily tasks and is no longer able to reside with his wife at the independent living facility they previously called home.

While it seems shocking that a rehabilitation facility that admits patients to help them recover from fall-related injuries would allow a patient to fall while under their supervision, it actually happens quite often. Having too few staff on the payroll allows residents ample time unsupervised. With no one around to help or to prevent them from doing so, residents are able to move around unassisted and to fall and go undiscovered for quite some time. This lack of oversight puts patients and residents at risk for injuries, elopement and wandering, and even death.


Swansea Rehab & Health Care Center Found to be the Worst of Illinois’ Repeat Offenders
Swansea Rehabilitation and Health Care Center has also been identified as chronically deficient by the Long Term Community Care Coalition (LTCCC), an elder rights advocacy group. In March of last year, the organization released their list of nursing homes with repeat violations of at least 3 standards. Each of these facilities had to violate at least three Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) standards at least three times each. The list contained over 6,000 nursing homes, with 367 of those in Illinois. Swansea was the worst of all the Illinois facilities. The facility had 9 chronic deficiencies, while most Illinois facilities on the list had between 2-5.

Swansea currently has a 1 star, “much below average,” overall rating on Nursing Home Compare, CMS’s quality rating site. The 94-bed, for-profit facility is owned by Petersen Health Care Inc, an Illinois-based chain of nursing homes, assisted and independent living, and supportive living facilities throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.


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