Study Finds Not-For Profit Nursing Homes are Often Superior

In the United States, two-thirds of nursing homes are investor-owned, for-profit businesses. However, making a profit does not seem to decrease nursing home abuse and the overall quality of care. A paper published by the British Medical Journal examined 82 studies carried out in United States and Canadian nursing homes. Forty studies showed significantly better quality in not-for-profit homes and three sowed the quality was better in for-profit homes. The remaining studies had mixed results, suggesting wide variability among institutions. The authors noted that nursing homes substantially in their management styles, motivations and organizational behavior. However, the big picture points to the idea that nursing home residents in the United States would receive 50,000 more hours of nursing care per day if all not-for profit institutions provided all nursing home care. Additionally, more research most be done to examine nursing homes and realize the best methods for combating nursing home abuse and elderly neglect. To read more about the nursing home study, please click the link.

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