Nursing Home Neglect Attorney Steven Levin Discusses Nursing Home Negligence

There was a short period when nursing home care was improving. However, reports that bad behavior is returning to the nursing home business. Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer Steven Levin was quoted on the website stating that, “Unfortunately, conditions for nursing residents are once again on the decline.” He stated that there is an epidemic of nursing homes with untrained, insufficient staff and transient staff. Attorney Levin, whose firm handles hundreds of cases of nursing home neglect, stated that profits are being made at the expense of patient care. “Nursing homes are simply unable to care for residents and nursing homes are knowingly admitting residents they know they can’t look after,” Levin adds. “Sometimes doctors or lawyers are negligent and make mistakes, but what nursing home operators are doing is institutionalized neglect.” Levin & Perconti has recently filed a nursing home negligence lawsuit against Alden Northmoor Rehabilitation Care Center in Chicago on behalf of a 77-year-old woman with dementia, knowingly propensity to wander and swallow unusual objects. While at Alden Northmoor, the victim swallowed a rubber glove twice and had to undergo bowel surgery to have the glove removed. Attorney Levin stated that it is amazing that the staff would allow something like this to happen twice. Levin & Perconti has filed suit under the Illinois Nursing Home Act, which states that every resident of a nursing home has the right to be free of neglect. Levin believes that nursing homes have corporately structured themselves so as to be essentially “judgment” proof. He believes that since many nursing homes carry no liability insurance they solicit residents without knowing how to care for them. Levin hopes that a new law will require nursing homes to carry $1 million in liability insurance. To read more about nursing home negligence, please click the link.

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