Some Illinois Nursing Homes Focusing on Quality of Life Improvements

A Chicago nursing home lawsuit is usually only filed to handle egregious cases of abuse and neglect that cause severe injury to resident victims. However, those clear problematic cases only scratch the surface of poor care at these assisted living facilities. The vast majority of residents continue to live in sterile nursing home environments that give little concern to the overall quality of life of those who live in the facility.

However, slowly some nursing homes are becoming more aware of the need to eliminate the institutional feel of these facilities, reports the Peoria Journal Star. One advocate explains what the old model looks like, noting that, “we’ve herded them like cattle to bed, to bathe, to the dining room…we’ve institutionalized our elders.”

Now there is a push to make nursing homes more like an actual home. The overall effect of the changes is to make all facets of care more resident-centered-making changes to when residents eat, sleep, what they do during the day, and how the facilities look and feel.

The largest changes involve having residents live in small, community-like setting of 10 to 12 residents, each with private rooms and baths. Meals are more flexible and served family style, instead of on rigid schedules in institutionalized ways.

While the cost of building smaller, better facilities is financially intimidating on the outset, the overall financial effect of the changes is less burdensome that many perceive. The fact is that better facilities and better care leads to fewer accidents, infections, falls, and other costly complications. In that way better facilities and better care can lead to many overall savings which eliminate the financial burden of initially improving care quality.

Our Illinois nursing home attorneys at Levin & Perconti are encouraged by the changes being considered by many local facilities that take into account the overall quality of life for nursing home residents. For far too long the quality of the day-to-day life of our seniors has been ignored. Hopefully, the trend toward an emphasis on creating an actual “home” environment continues to pervade throughout the state.

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