September is World Alzheimer’s Month

Through our many years of experience working with victims of local elder abuse, our Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers recognize the types of individuals who are most likely to be victimized by mistreatment. Unfortunately, the more vulnerable a certain individual is, the more likely he or she is to fall victim to the carelessness, recklessness, or the outright intentional misconduct of others. For example, those with particular mental deficiencies, such as sufferers of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are often the most vulnerable to mistreatment.

Those who face these problems are prime targets because they often require additional assistance, are frequently incapable of understanding the exact level of care to which they are entitled, and may be incapable of letting others know about their abuse. The mistreatment can come in a variety of forms. On one hand, these seniors may be prone to certain physical issues-such as becoming a victim of a nursing home fall. These seniors susceptibility make it important for caregivers at these facilities to have specific plans in place to account for these risks. Those plans might include actions that make it less likely for the senior to fall and ensure that the resident is not allow for periods of time or in areas where they may face certain obstacles.

Besides the physical issues faced by these seniors, many dementia and Alzheimer’s patients are targeted by those seeking to financially profit from them. Elder financial abuse and exploitation remains a far too prevalent problem. It is hard for advocates to get a proper gauge for the total extent of the problem because many victims of this form of senior abuse never come forward, instead they suffer in silence. The mental problems associated with these diseases make it common for seniors suffering with mental issues to be targeted by the unscrupulous.

The many unique problems face by Alzheimer’s and dementia patients make it important that others be aware of the issues to step in and help if needed. As part of that awareness project the Alzheimer’s Association is participating in September’s designation as World Alzheimer’s Month. The project is intended to spread information about the disease, support those many families currently dealing with it, and inform advocates about ways that they can help fight the disease and fight the mistreatment faced by sufferers.

In particular, September 21st is a focal point of the project, with all advocates being urged to wear purple as part of Alzheimer’s Action Day. Others are also urged to turn their Facebook picture purple by using the organization’s “End Alz” logo. Certain items are also being sold to raise funds for Alzheimer’s related research.

The Illinois nursing home attorneys at our firm are well aware of the issues faced by seniors in the assisted-living context. Literally millions of people are living with dementia, and they often end up in long-term care facilities where their unique needs are supposed to be met. Many of those care workers do a great job providing for those needs. Unfortunately, there remain some less than thorough employees who allow mistreatment and neglect to injury and kill those who face these mental problems. That unacceptable treatment must be identified and rooted out whenever possible.

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