Second Suit filed in “Angel of Death” case

The family of a former Chicago area nursing home resident has filed a lawsuit against the nursing home for his wrongful death. The suit claims that he received an “unnecessary” dose of morphine and died one day later as a result. This case is of particular interest because it was filed just a couple weeks after the family of another nursing home resident from the same home filed a wrongful death case for the death of their family member. The suits do not claim that the staff intentionally killed these patients, but that they did give them unnecessarily high doses of unnecessary medication which led to their untimely and wrongful deaths. The suits also point out that two other patients died around the same time in similar manners while under the care of the same staff. The nursing home fails to comment on the accusations for nursing home abuse and neglect and on what the causes were in the four patient deaths. There are allegations that one of the nurses and the nursing supervisor were acting as “angels of death” and that they were responsible for the mercy killings of these patients. The accused nurse and nursing supervisor are currently awaiting trial. For the full story click here.

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