Resident Sexually Assaulted By Nursing Assistant at Crystal Pines Rehabilitation and Health Care Center

The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday on a shocking new case of alleged Illinois nursing home abuse at an area skilled nursing facility. According to reports that have just been released, the alleged attacker was a 22-year old certified nursing assistant who perpetrated the abuse in late September. The victim was a 93-year old female disabled resident who lived at the Crystal Pines Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in Crystal Lake.

Police reports indicate that the woman claims that she was assaulted on September 25th while she was sleeping in her room at the facility. The attacker apparently went into the victim’s room around 4 a.m. on the night in question. He was a midnight shift certified nursing assistant at the home. While the woman was in bed, the man apparently began inappropriately touching her. The woman became aware of the attack and reported it to authorities. Medical professionals at a local hospital examined the woman following the attack. After police interviewed the victim, an arrest warrant was served on the alleged attacker on Monday. He was released on bond, but will be due in court in mid-November. He has been charged with felony criminal sexual assault.

All allegations of Illinois nursing home sexual abuse likely shock the conscience of local residents. It is difficult to imagine how anyone would be capable of taking advantage of these vulnerable community members in any way, let alone in a sexual capacity. Yet, time and again similar stories make clear that there are some individuals who target this community specifically because they are unable to fight back and depend on others for basic assistance. The victim in this case was disabled, and likely unable to properly defend herself against the aggressions of the young male attacker.

It goes without saying that this conduct can never be tolerated. Beyond ensuring that the attacker faces appropriate criminal sanction if found guilty, it is also important to better understand how someone capable of such conduct could end up as an employee at one these facilities. Our Illinois nursing home abuse attorneys help victims throughout the country hold long-term care facilities accountable for the actions of their employees. It is a basic legal principle that employers are responsible for the actions of their employees when those employees are operating in the scope of the employment. For instance, in this case, the attacker was apparently on duty at the time of the attack and working in his capacity as a certified nursing assistant when the attack occurred. Therefore, there is a good chance that the facility in question would be found vicariously liable for the conduct of those in their employ.

We encourage all those involved in this incident to ensure that steps are taken to prevent similar attacks from occurring. Visiting with an Illinois elder sexual abuse lawyer in the area that has experience with these cases is a good starting point to learn what can be done. The attorney will be able to provide advice on the ways that the facility can be held accountable and redress can be provided to the victim
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