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Reminder: World Elder Abuse Day – June 15th

Our Chicago nursing home abuse attorneys are proud to join with senior care advocates across the country to remind readers about this year’s World Elder Abuse Day (WEAD). This year represents the seventh annual day where community members around the globe come together to raise awareness of the continuing challenges faced by so many seniors who receive substandard care and treatment each day. WEAD stands as a way to share the problem with more people and hopefully spur change that will ease the suffering of abused seniors.

The Problem
The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) explains how millions of seniors are victimized across the world each year. Each Illinois nursing home neglect lawyer at our firm appreciates that the problem certainly exists in our area. Seniors in a wide range of settings from long-term care facilities to their own homes are exposed to physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse. Much of the misconduct is never brought to light, which is a huge reason that events like WEAD are pushed. In fact, the NCEA reminds that for every case of elder abuse that is reported, there are twenty three cases that go unreported. Most seniors suffer in silence.

Fixing the Problem
Of course a single awareness day will not fix the problems overnight. However, it is a helpful starting point to draw in new advocates who are aware of the problem. Every individual who keeps an eye out for potentially abused seniors is one step forward in hopefully turning around the sad stat that most abuse never comes with recourse.

Additionally, WEAD is a good time to share information about government and global initiatives which might enact changes on a larger scale. For example, NCEA support the United Nations International Plan of Action as a tool that “recognizes the significance of elder abuse as a public health and human rights issue.”

Obviously recognizing the problem doesn’t automatically do anything to fix it. But, elder abuse lawyers appreciate that the first step must begin with more recognition. For example, in the local nursing home context, there are still far too many seniors who are abused or neglected every day without a single person coming to their defense. Many of those seniors will die as a result of that neglect. There will be no accountability. Those who failed to act properly will face no repercussions. Other seniors will be similarly harmed as a result.

White House Support
This year this is a particularly special component to WEAD-a White House symposium. The symposium will include a range of speakers, from elder abuse experts to government agency actors. The event will take place the day before WEAD, on June 14th. All of the proceedings will be webcast live to all those who want to listen to the event. Click Here for more information on the live feed.

The NCEA urges everyone to come up with some way to participate in the special day. A “Watch Party” can be organized to encourage others to learn about relevant issues. In addition, lectures, volunteer events, and fundraisers can be organized in commemoration of World Elder Abuse Day.

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