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Pressures Ulcers Labeled Biggest Consequence of Illinois Nursing Home Negligence

A new study was released last year which takes a financial look at medical errors. Health Finance News published an analysis of that data.

Overall, the research indicated at least 1.5 million medical errors were identified in a single year. The cost of those mistakes are estimated by actuaries to cost the American economy somewhere around $19.5 billion annually. The figures represent a staggering amount of total loss that does not account at all for the emotional toll affecting millions of victims, family members, and friends.

A closer look at the financial data suggest that one of the most common forms of Illinois nursing home abuse may ultimately cost American consumers the most. Of all types of errors, pressure ulcers topped the list of costliest-$3.86 billion is spent each year on correcting and treating these unnecessary ailments. Blog readers are well aware that Illinois pressure ulcer cases are tragically common.

Proper movement, repositioning, and consistent observation are capable of eliminating virtually all cases of these bed sores. Unfortunately, many nursing homes continue failing to provide basic care, and so the debilitating errors continue. In other words, these sores only develop because of improper treatment-in an ideal situation they would be extinct.

The head of the study explained that the study “highlights the need to reduce errors and improve quality and efficiency in American healthcare.”

Our Chicago nursing home lawyers at Levin & Perconti are proud to fight for the rights of residents afflicted with pressure sores. It is simply unacceptable for a facility to care so little about the treatment of their residents that these injuries are allowed to grow and cause immense pain without notice. If a loved one has suffered in this way, be sure to contact an Illinois injury lawyer to share your story. In that way, other residents at the negligent facility may be spared similar injury.

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