Pressure Ulcer Prevention Diet

Studies show that malnourished residents are twice as likely as well-nourished ones to develop pressure ulcers. Experts believe that good nutrition is an integral part of pressure ulcer management. Experts say that consuming an adequate number of calories to meet the body’s needs is imperative to maintaining good nutritional status. The recommended amount of calories is 30 to 35 calories/kg/day for pressure ulcer patients and those at risk of developing a pressure ulcer. This is because when the body is put under stress, it will break down protein from its store of lean body mass. The resultant weight loss and depletion of visceral protein stores is associated with an increased risk of pressure ulcer development. Research also shows that decreased protein is the only nutrient that significantly predicts ulcer development. Research supports the fact that sufficient intake of protein, calories, vitamins and fluids is essential to preventing skin breakdown. To read more about the pressure ulcer study, please visit the huntleigh website.

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