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Preparations Underway for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA)-a component of the United States Administration on Aging-recently announced more information about the seventh annual “World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.” This year the event is marked for June 15th. That means that there is still time to learn more about the awareness occasion and to make plans to participate in some way. All of us have elder loved ones, and, hopefully, we will all reach our golden year ourselves. In that way, everyone has some stake in these issues and should work in whatever way they can to ensure that the quality of life of local seniors is considered.

The NCEA explains that the purpose of the event is to get “individuals, families, community groups, organizations, and businesses to ‘Take A Stand’ by participating in elder abuse awareness and prevention efforts.” This is a goal that each of our Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers is steadfastly supports.

Local residents have many ways to participate. For example, one could find an official “World Day” event and join or even do something as simple as visit with a local senior in their home or a nursing facility. In addition, there are many unofficial volunteer opportunities to raise money for elder abuse prevention.

In fact, if you are particularly energized to make a difference, the NCEA offers material so that you can organize your own World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Event. Click here to find more resources to help plan an event or otherwise participate in this important occasion.

The White House is even getting in on the effort this year. On June 14th the White House will host a symposium as part of the education effort to share information on elder abuse and exploitation. The event is open to all those who wish to participate. The first half of the event will focus on prevention efforts. The second half will target the ways to respond to elder abuse to ensure the problem is stopped and the victims are given support. Those not in Washington D.C. can watch the event live and even pose questions to panelists via Facebook and Twitter.

The need for more awareness to this problem is well-documented. Elder abuse continues to fly under the radar for many-even though hundreds of thousands are affected by the mistreatment. The consequences run the gamut, including anything from depression and financial loss to severe physical harm and even death. The nursing home attorneys at our firm understand that the misconduct can occur anywhere, from assisted living facilities to the senior’s own home. Unfortunately, many of these community members have few vocal advocates on their side, and so the harm occurs without any repercussions for abusers.

Each Illinois nursing home abuse lawyer at our firm encourages local residents to actively participate in whatever way possible for this year’s World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Feel free to take a look at the NCEA website sharing more information about the occasions and ways that you might be able to take the day to help seniors in need. Long-term improvements in the quality of life for seniors in nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and throughout the community will only occur when there is community-wide focus on these issues.

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