Poor Nursing Home Care Caused Resident’s Death

Nursing homes are required to provide proper care to their residents. When they fail to do so, injuries can and do occur. Unfortunately, injuries to the elderly can be very dangerous and can lead to a decline in overall health and contribute to their death. A lawsuit was recently filed against a nursing home alleging negligence in care. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a woman’s estate. The woman died after suffering injuries that ultimately resulted in her death. The plaintiff has retained Levin & Perconti to represent them in the lawsuit against the nursing home. The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $50,000.

Failure to Supervise

Nursing homes and other care facilities are required by law to provide proper care to their residents. They must have staff members available to assist patients with their daily needs which may include eating, toileting, and performing their regular care activities. When patients are bedridden, they require repositioning to avoid the formation of bedsores. In this case, the woman was allegedly not properly supervised and the staff failed to reposition her while in her bed. This caused bedsores, which worsened.

Bedsores are Serious

Bedsores, also called pressure ulcers, can be very serious in the elderly. They develop primarily on patients who are unable to move on their own while in bed. As they remain in one position for too long, the bedding continually rubs against the skin in the same place. This rubbing causes a sore to develop. If not attended to, the sore will continue to worsen. Once the skin breaks, the likelihood of infection is very high. Infections such as this can be deadly to older people.

Infections in the Elderly

Most healthy people are able to fight off infections when they occur, however, for the elderly, an infection can be the start of a lengthy health decline and ultimately their death. Older individuals may have compromised immune systems and may already be in a weakened state. If an infection begins it can be difficult to treat and may be impossible to control. For this reason, special care must be taken to ensure that an infection is not allowed to start.

Negligent Care

There are several ways that the nursing home failed the patient in this case. They did not properly supervise her care and therefore allowed bedsores to form because of lack of repositioning. They also did not adequately treat the bedsores once they developed. Immediate treatment could prevent them from worsening. Finally, the nursing home did not get her medical evaluation or treatment in a timely manner. All of these problems caused the woman’s health to decline. An untreated infection can quickly spread and may lead to sepsis. Sepsis means that the infection has spread to the blood and is now being carried throughout the body and may be infecting major organs. Unfortunately, the woman died from her injuries. If your loved one was harmed in a nursing facility, seek the justice you deserve by calling Levin & Perconti to discuss your case today.

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