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Nursing Homes Blamed for Death of Resident

Nursing home negligence is being blamed in a lawsuit after a resident died. The woman’s estate has filed a lawsuit against The Grove of Fox Valley, Aurora Rehabilitation & Living Center, and Legacy Healthcare Financial Services, LLC. The lawsuit claims the woman died as a result of nursing home neglect while under the care of the nursing facilities. The suit alleges that the facilities did not provide adequate care and the woman was injured and died as a result. The woman suffered from dehydration and developed a pressure ulcer which contributed to her death in 2015.


Dehydration is severe lack of water in the body. The body is made up mostly of water and it is required by every cell and organ for proper function. Dehydration can occur when a person is not drinking enough liquids during the day. When the body becomes dehydrated the organs can begin to suffer and eventually they will start to shut down. It is important to know the signs of dehydration and treat a person who is dehydrated immediately. Any delay in treatment could cause severe or permanent injuries or death.

Signs of Dehydration

A headache is one of the very first signs of dehydration. Other signs include fatigue, less frequent need to urinate, dry skin, and thirst. Someone suffering from dehydration may have no immediate signs or may just have one or two signs. It may be more difficult to notice signs of dehydration in an older person because they may already suffer some of these symptoms which have been caused by other conditions.

Dehydration in the Elderly

Dehydration can occur frequently in the elderly. Once a person becomes dehydrated the body can begin to deteriorate and death may occur. Older individuals may not be aware of how much liquid they are drinking in a day. They may also have a lack of thirst due to some medications that they are taking. Bedridden people and those with problems eating could have trouble taking in enough liquids on a daily basis.

Prevention of Dehydration

Because dehydration is a serious problem for the elderly, caregivers should be watching to ensure that patients are getting enough liquids. Staff should check to make sure that the resident drank all of his or her beverage with each daily meal. Additionally, the resident should be drinking other liquids throughout the day to stay hydrated. In cases where there is concern, the patient’s fluid intake must be calculated along with urine output. Immediate care is required for anyone who is found to be dehydrated.

Nursing Home Neglect

When an elderly nursing home resident is diagnosed with dehydration it is almost certainly a sign of possible nursing home neglect. The patient should be seen by his or her physician immediately and a plan put in place to restore hydration. In many cases, the patient will require short-term hospitalization to increase fluid intake intravenously. As in this instance, if the resident dies as the result of dehydration or other neglectful care, the family may be entitled to compensation. Contact the experienced lawyers at Levin & Perconti to discuss your case.

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