Nursing Home Was Negligent – Caused Resident’s Injury and Death

Nursing homes should be trusted to provide our elderly relatives with the care and comfort they need to thrive as they approach old age. Yet in some instances, nursing homes actually cause injuries rather than preventing them. In a recent case, a nursing home resident died after sustaining a serious injury that worsened until her death. Levin & Perconti is representing the estate of the woman who died in a lawsuit against Columbus Park Nursing & Rehabilitation, Inc. where the woman resided.

Injuries in Nursing Homes

Many people make the decision to have their elderly parent reside in a nursing home facility in order to protect him and ensure his safety. Sometimes, nursing home care is not up to the quality of standard that is expected and is required by law. When an injury occurs in a nursing home it may be caused by the negligence of the staff or caregivers. This is all too common an occurrence but one that should be prevented. Lack of training, understaffing, and poor management are all reasons why injuries may happen.

Common Nursing Home Injuries

Elderly people are more susceptible to serious injuries as the result of falls. Falls are quite common in nursing homes. It is estimated that a medium sized nursing facility with about 200 beds has about 100 falls every year. Even more than that may occur but are not reported. Falls are not the only problem, however. Pressure sores are another very frequent condition that could be prevented. In this case, the woman developed stage IV pressure sores which are the worst type. Pressure sores begin as painful red spots but can quickly worsen. Once the skin breaks the sores can become infected, which is what happened in this case.

Failure to Assess and Treat

The law requires nursing homes to properly care for residents. In this instance, the nursing home allegedly did not properly assess the woman’s condition. When pressure sores develop they must be immediately treated. Additionally, the staff did not take precautions to prevent the ulcers from developing in the first place. Then, they allowed the bedsores to worsen until they were infected. The infection eventually spread and likely caused sepsis. Sepsis is an untreated infection that spreads throughout the body and affects the organs. It is difficult to treat and often leads to death.

Reporting Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect should be reported as soon as it is noted. Sometimes the neglect causes serious injuries that must be treated by a doctor. If you find that your loved one has suffered an injury in a nursing home it is important that you seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Because the elderly often have a compromised immune system it may be more difficult for them to fight serious infections. Report the problem to management. It may also be necessary to file a police report. If you suspect neglect it is best to speak with a qualified attorney at once. Your attorney will review the situation to determine your options. If neglect has taken place you may be able to recover damages for medical and other expenses incurred. Contact the experienced lawyers at Levin & Perconti to learn more about your case.

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