Nursing Home Resident Died After Being Improperly Supervised

Nursing homes are required to provide adequate supervision and care to ensure the safety and well being of all residents. This, unfortunately, was not the case in one recent nursing home death. A lawsuit was filed after a man died due to injuries sustained during a fall.

The lawsuit was filed against Prairie Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, in Chicago Heights, as well as against the parent company and the nurses who provided care. According to the lawsuit, the facility failed to provide proper supervision, and fell several times while under their care. The falls led to severe injuries, which ultimately led to the man’s death. The lawsuit states that the defendants were negligent and violated the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act.

Illinois Nursing Home Care Act

The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act provides legal guidelines that must be followed by care facilities. The legislation, in place for many years, is designed to assist patients, and families make sure that their loved ones are protected while living in nursing homes. It is the responsibility of the nursing homes to provide adequate care, and when they don’t they are likely negligent. Negligence may include doing things that could harm individuals, or failing to do something to keep people safe. In this case, the facility failed to properly supervise the resident, according to the lawsuit.

Falls Are Serious

When elderly people fall, they are often seriously injured. Broken bones, bruises, and head trauma, are common medical issues that can be caused by falling. One of the most frequent injuries that results from a fall is a broken hip. A broken hip can be quite serious in an elderly person. It may require surgery, and the person will be immobile while the bones heal. During this time, complications can set in, such as pneumonia, infections, and pressure ulcers. In an older person, broken bones can take a long time to heal, during which time the person’s overall health typically declines.

Complications after a Fall

Complications can, and often do, occur in the elderly after a serious fall. Infections are among the most difficult medical problems to resolve. The older person’s immune system may be weakened, making it more difficult to fight infections. Medical diagnosis and treatment are essential immediately after a fall. Also, the person should be evaluated regularly after a fall by a doctor, who can make sure that the person is adequately on the mend. If a problem is noticed, fast response can sometimes help keep the person on the road to recovery.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect is, unfortunately, a frequent occurrence. A report found that most mid-sized nursing homes report about 100 to 200 falls per year. It is possible that this number is severely underestimated, because many falls go unreported. If your loved one suffered a fall in a nursing home, seek medical attention immediately. This should be done regardless of the severity of the injuries. Sometimes injuries can worsen over time, or a subsequent fall can cause more severe problems.

Falls should never happen, and when they do, they are quite possibly signs of inadequate supervision, or nursing home neglect. In cases of nursing home neglect, contact the experienced legal team at Levin & Perconti to learn your options.

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