Nursing Home Resident Died After Suffering Alleged Neglect

We think our parents are safe when under the care of nursing home staff. Most of us just assume that the facility will always provide proper care for our loved one. Nursing home neglect and abuse are, unfortunately, things that you need to be concerned about. The son of a woman who died in a nursing home recently filed a lawsuit claiming the facility injured his mother due to improper handling. The woman was a resident of Manor Care of Oak Lawn. She needed help with mobility as well as with daily functions such as getting dressed. According to the lawsuit, the woman suffered a serious head injury after the staff dropped her. The woman died from a brain hemorrhage after the incident.

Serious Results of Improper Handling
Many nursing home residents require help with mobility. Some need more help than others. Nursing home staff must be properly trained and able to provide the mobility support for its patients. Transferring a patient from the bed to the wheelchair and back must be conducted properly in order for the transfer to be safe. In this case, staff apparently did not provide safe handling and the woman suffered a violent fall, according to court documents. Immobile patients rely completely on help from caregivers to get in and out of bed, to perform daily tasks, and even to go to the bathroom. This case demonstrates how severe the injuries can be when someone is dropped or suffers a terrible fall.

Falls to the Elderly Are Serious
When you or I fall down we usually pick ourselves up and have few if any bruises or injuries. However, when an elderly person falls the results can be much more harmful. In fact, some falls can even lead to death, as in this case. The elderly may have weaker bones which could fracture more easily in a fall. Also, older individuals cannot recover quickly from bruises and breaks and can become bedridden. When this happens their overall health is likely to decline. The elderly may not be able to break their falls so they could hit the ground with a lot of force. For these reasons it is imperative to prevent falls in this age group.

Prevention of Falls
Falls occur due to a number of reasons. Sometimes the environment is unsafe. Other times the person falls because they are weak, unsteady, ill, or dizzy. When a fall occurs because of the negligent action as in this case, it is considered nursing home neglect or abuse. The woman relied upon nursing home caregivers for mobility and, according to the paperwork, they dropped her. The woman suffered very serious head trauma, which caused her death. Head trauma in this instance consisted of a brain hemorrhage. The son filed a lawsuit in Cook County seeking damages in excess of $50,000.

If your loved one suffered a serious injury or died as the result of negligence in a nursing home you may be entitled to compensation. Damages include such things as medical expenses, money for pain and suffering, and legal fees. Contact the skilled legal team at Levin & Perconti for a free consultation today.

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