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Nursing Home Negligence Led to Dehydration, Stroke, and Death

A nursing home should be considered a safe place for your loved one to live in later years. The staff members of the facility are trusted to properly care for your relative and protect him or her from harm. One recent lawsuit alleges that a local nursing home was negligent in providing for a resident and their negligence ultimately caused his death. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County against Windmill Nursing Pavilion, Ltd. by the man’s son. The man was a resident of the facility but developed dehydration, kidney failure, malnutrition, seizures, and a stroke, which led to his death.

Complications of Dehydration

Dehydration is the severe lack of liquid intake and can become severe and even deadly. The human body is designed to utilize water in every function and organ. There are a number of medical complications from dehydration, some of them include:

· Seizures · Low Blood Volume · Brain Swelling · Heat Stroke · Kidney Failure · Coma · Death
Proper hydration is necessary for proper body functioning. When intake is too low it can cause severe medical problems, some of which could be permanent.

Prevention of Dehydration

Prevention of dehydration is part of basic daily care. Nursing homes need to be aware of any potential risk of dehydration and take the steps necessary to prevent it from occurring. Elderly individuals may have a higher risk of dehydration, particularly if they are not closely monitored. In this instance, the nursing home was made aware of the man suffered from dementia and was at a higher risk for dehydration and malnutrition. However, according to the court documents, the nursing home did not use proper care and their neglect led to serious medical consequences as a result.

Dehydration in Nursing Homes

Dehydration can be a common occurrence in nursing homes and is usually a sign of nursing home negligence. When a patient is not properly fed or hydrated it can only mean that they were not adequately supervised on a daily basis. Elderly people may have difficulty eating and drinking and often need assistance to achieve proper nutrition and hydration. Additionally, the person may be unable to communicate their thirst or hunger and medications may interfere with these cravings. Regardless, the staff must be available and trained to ensure that residents eat and drink as they should. Any problems must be reported to a doctor for diagnosis. Unfortunately, in this instance the man suffered significant medical harm due to his lack of proper hydration and nutrition. He died a few weeks later.

Nursing Home Neglect

The man in this lawsuit was seriously injured because of the neglect caused by the nursing home and staff. The injuries were so serious that they contributed to his death. While nothing can bring the loved one back, the family of the victim should recover damages. In this case, the lawsuit seeks expenses for medical and surgical care and for other damages as well as litigation costs. If your loved one was seriously injured because of nursing home neglect or abuse, contact the experienced lawyers at Levin & Perconti to discuss your case.

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