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Lawsuit Claims Nursing Home Negligence Leads to Heat Stroke

An elderly woman claims to have suffered heat stroke after the furnace in her room malfunctioned. The temperature in her room allegedly approached 110 degrees on a very hot and humid night. The nursing home resident was found the next morning on the floor in her room close to death. The woman has now recovered from heat stroke but has filed suit against the nursing home in an attempt to be compensated for the medical bills she incurred and the suffering she went through as a result of the nursing home negligence.

The resident now claims that the excessive heat caused her to suffer heat stroke. She blames the facility for failing to maintain a working furnace in her room. If these claims are true they offer a glimpse into some of the major problems residents in nursing homes face today.

The fact that a furnace malfunctioned, bringing the temperature in a resident’s room to extremely high and dangerous levels is one issue that this story presents, but an equally pressing issue is why the nursing home resident wasn’t discovered until the following morning. Chicago nursing homes have been facing litigation because of their negligent care of residents. The fact that a nursing home resident can go an entire night without being checked on is only further evidence of this neglect.

Nursing homes in Chicago, and elsewhere, have faced problems with understaffing. There is no evidence to this point that understaffing was the reason that the resident here was not checked on, but in many other cases it is. The Chicago nursing home attorneys at Levin & Perconti understand that there is only so much one staff member can do, and when there are not enough staff members to care for the amount of patients at a facility, problems like this are often the result.

It is important that nursing homes take these situations seriously. If the nursing home had checked on their resident in the middle of the night, they could have avoided any serious injuries. The resident could have been moved to a different room that had a working furnace, or other accommodations could have been made.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers fight for residents of nursing homes who are injured due to negligence.We hope to eliminate as much negligence and mistreatment as possible to make nursing homes as safe as possible for this generation and the next, while bringing compensation and justice to those injured or wrongfully killed.

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