Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit Filed against South Holland Facility

An elderly woman has filed a lawsuit against Manorcare Health Services and two doctors for negligent malpractice. The lawsuit states that the woman was injured after falling from her wheelchair. The woman complained of leg pain and an x-ray was allegedly taken, however, no further medical treatment was done. More than two weeks later, the woman was taken to St. Margaret Mercy Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a leg fracture as well as an injury to her abdominal cavity. The woman filed the lawsuit against the nursing home as well as the parent company and two doctors who treated her while there.

Broken Bones in the Elderly
Bone fractures are among one of the most common injuries to the elderly. Older individuals are more apt to suffer broken bones when they fall as compared with younger people. Some of the most common bone fractures in the elderly are to the hips, femur, pelvis, arms, legs, and ankles. Broken bones are often caused by falls. It is estimated that approximately 87% of fractures to those over age 65 are due to falls. Many of these falls take place at nursing homes. In this case, the woman fell from her wheelchair, causing serious injuries.

Nursing Home Negligence
Unfortunately, many residents living in nursing homes are injured due to negligence. Negligence may occur when there is not proper supervision, when a care worker is not properly trained, or because of unsafe conditions in the facility. Nursing homes are required to provide adequate care for their patients and each patient may require different treatment and management. Most falls in nursing homes could have been prevented and are very often the result of improper care.

Abuse and Neglect a Growing Problem
Abuse and neglect in nursing homes is a growing problem. As many as 70% of residents reported that they witnessed or experienced abuse or neglect. When abuse or neglect occurs they can have devastating results. Serious injuries such as broken bones and infections can lead to difficult medical problems and may even result in death. When nursing homes fail to provide proper care they are responsible for their actions or lack of actions. When a patient falls the staff must offer care for the resulting injuries and medical treatment must be rendered if it is required. In this situation, the woman’s medical condition was not properly diagnosed and she was left for more than two weeks without proper care for her broken bone and internal injuries.

An Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Will Help
We expect that our older relative is being properly cared for at the nursing home facility. When a serious injury occurs it is important to find out what happened and why. In many cases the injury may be caused by neglect or abuse by staff. Contact a reputable nursing home abuse attorney as soon as possible. The legal team understands these types of injuries and knows how to determine the cause – and whether abuse or neglect has occurred. If your loved one suffered a serious injury at a nursing home contact the experienced legal team at Levin & Perconti to discuss your case.

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