Nursing Home Negligence Caused Woman’s Injuries and Death

A nursing home should be considered a safe place for our elderly relatives to live. The care provided should allow them to live out their final years of life in an enjoyable and protected environment. Most people choose to place their loved ones in nursing homes in order to ensure that they won’t get hurt, which can sometimes happen when elderly people live alone. However, proper care must be provided in these facilities. A recent lawsuit claims that a woman suffered severe injuries due to negligent care in a nursing home and these injuries led to her death. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County by the woman’s daughter. The woman died of her injuries and neglect in 2014.

Keeping Residents Safe

It is the job of the nursing facility to keep their residents safe, regardless of their illnesses. In this case, the woman suffered from a variety of disorders including Parkinson’s disease and bipolar, and psychosis disorders. Once in the nursing facility she later suffered from respiratory distress, confusion, and had open wounds that were due to the staff’s negligence. The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act is legislation that is designed to protect nursing home residents and provide clear standards of care that must be followed. Nursing homes are required to ensure the safety of those living in the facility.

Providing Proper Care

Nursing homes must be properly staffed and the care workers need to be trained on how to care for the elderly. In this situation, the woman was transferred to the hospital on request of her family. At the hospital she was diagnosed with pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), congestive heart failure, and infection. These are serious medical problems and each one should have prompted the facility workers to seek medical attention for the woman. Instead, the woman died just a couple of days later. Nursing homes must have patients diagnosed by a physician when the person develops a medical condition. In this case, the nursing home staff was negligent by failing to provide care and treatment in a prompt manner, which could have saved the woman’s life.

Nursing Home Neglect

All too often, elderly residents are victims of nursing home neglect. Neglect may occur because of understaffing, lack of training, poor management, or a number of other reasons. Residents each have their own needs and some people require more assistance than others. Over time, a resident’s needs may change and the care provided must change as well. When neglect occurs the result can be serious injuries that can lead to death. Some of the most common types of neglect include falls and pressure sores. In this case, the woman had open sores that were infected, which were likely caused by pressure sores. The staff failed to seek proper medical treatment for these and for her respiratory problems. These issues led to her untimely death.

In cases of neglect, residents or their loved ones may be entitled to compensation for medical costs, money for pain and suffering, and other expenses due to the injury .If your loved one was injured because of nursing home neglect contact Levin & Perconti for a consultation.

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