Nursing Home Neglect Led to Resident’s Death, Lawsuit

A nursing home has the responsibility to provide proper care to residents while in their care. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect and abuse occur in facilities across the country. A resident’s death sparked a lawsuit by the woman’s estate administrator claiming neglect. The woman died after suffering several medical issues which were each allegedly caused by neglectful care in her nursing home. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County against Petersen Health Properties, LLC in South Elgin. The suit seeks damages in excess of the limits and requests a jury trial.

Nursing Home Care Act

The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act is legislation that stipulates the specific level of care that must be provided by nursing care facilities. In this instance, the lawsuit indicates that the nursing home violated the act by providing care that was sub-standard. The woman suffered from a serious pressure ulcer to her coccyx as well as respiratory distress and pneumonia. The presence of a pressure ulcer is certainly an indication of mistreatment. Medical treatment was not sought in a timely manner and her condition deteriorated.

Respiratory Distress

There are many conditions that can lead to respiratory distress. This is a serious medical emergency that requires immediate evaluation and treatment. Breathing problems that go unnoticed, as in this case, can quickly worsen and death can occur. In addition to respiratory distress, the woman also suffered from pneumonia, a common problem that can happen when breathing is not adequate. Had the woman’s condition been noted more quickly and medical treatment administered, the outcome could have been very different.


Pneumonia is a lung infection which can cause breathing problems. Left untreated, it can be deadly. Infections in the lung are treated with antibiotics and often require hospitalization. Pneumonia is more prevalent in the elderly, particularly those who are sedentary. In older individuals, pneumonia needs to be noticed and treated as quickly as possible to achieve the best possible outcome. The nursing home staff in this instance apparently did not become aware of any of the woman’s medical problems until the problems escalated and her medical condition worsened.

Neglectful Treatment

Neglect in nursing homes can be caused by insufficient staffing to meet the requirements of the residents, by poor training, improper management, or other reasons. The presence of medical conditions that have not been treated may be the first signs of neglect in a nursing home. Very often the patients themselves do not report the problems, so it is up to the relatives to ensure that their loved one is receiving proper care. In fact, many nursing homes provide inadequate supervision and care on a regular basis. Unless a medical problem occurs, the negligence may not be noted. Sadly, once neglect happens the result can be the deterioration of the resident’s general health conditions.

If your loved one suffered serious medical harm or died as result of nursing home neglect you may be entitled to compensation to cover expenses as well as pain and suffering. Contact the compassionate legal team at Levin & Perconti to schedule a consultation.

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