Nursing Home Neglect Cited in Lawsuit Against Local Facility

Levin & Perconti is representing the victim’s family in a nursing home neglect lawsuit. The patient was a resident at ManorCare in Oak Lawn, IL where he suffered a fall with severe injuries that included a broken hip. The long-term care facility was required to provide proper care and supervision, which was allegedly not done. The man’s fall subsequently required medical care including hospitalization and surgery. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County against the nursing home.

Falls Are Dangerous

Falls to the elderly are dangerous. According to the CDC, as many as 1,800 deaths each year in the United States are caused by falls to nursing home patients. Falls are common in older individuals for a number of reasons. Older people may be less steady due to medications, illnesses, and difficulties with standing and walking. Elderly patients may require assistance performing their daily functions including getting to and from the bathroom. Nursing homes are responsible for providing the level of assistance necessary for each patient. In this case, the nursing home did not adequately supervise the man, which resulted in his fall.

Broken Bones are Serious

Broken bones may not be a problem for youngsters and others, but for the elderly, they are usually very serious. Broken bones do not heal as quickly in older people as they do in the young. Because the bones of older individuals are more brittle, even a simple fall can cause a break or fracture. Many times, the hip or pelvis is broken because it is a weak area. This type of fracture often requires surgery and sometimes even a hip replacement. Older people may not be strong enough to survive such surgery and if they do they will need a very long recuperation time.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing homes must provide proper care as outlined in the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act. The facility is required by law to ensure that the residents are properly cared for and protected and that the nursing home is safe. In this case, as in many others, evaluation of the injuries shows that neglect has occurred. The nursing home should never allow a patient to fall. Further, once a patient has severe injuries, they must make sure that proper medical treatment is performed in a timely manner.

Nursing Home Injuries

Many nursing home injuries happen every day across the country. Only a fraction of them are ever reported. Sometimes the nursing home resident is unaware of how the injury occurred, is unable to communicate the situation, or is afraid to make problems at the facility. As a relative of a nursing home resident you should make sure that your loved one is safe and when there is a problem, it must be reported. While you may not know for sure what caused an injury, your attorney will be able to investigate and get to the bottom of the accident. Those who were seriously injured because of the neglectful acts of nursing home staff are entitled to compensation to cover medical costs, pain and suffering, and legal fees. If your loved one was hurt at a nursing home, contact Levin & Perconti to discuss your case.

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