Nursing Home Neglect Blamed for Woman’s Death

Most people consider nursing homes to be safe, secure places for our loved ones to live. In fact, many children want their elderly parents to live in a nursing home rather than living alone. However, nursing homes can be dangerous when proper care is not provided. One recent lawsuit was filed against a nursing home for the death of a resident who died as the result of alleged neglect.

Nursing Home Care Act

The Nursing Home Care Act is Illinois legislation in place to provide rules and regulations for caregivers and residents of nursing home facilities. Nursing homes are required to ensure proper care for the elderly while they are living in their facilities. The legislation outlines the rights and responsibilities of the nursing home as well as the residents. It also provides for licensing regulations. When a nursing home fails to meet the guidelines it is subject to penalties. Additionally, the nursing home and staff could be held responsible for nursing home neglect in situations where improper care was provided.

Types of Neglect

Thousands of elderly residents are harmed each year in the United States due to nursing home neglect. Caregivers such as nursing home staff are required to provide a high degree of care when working with residents. All too often, residents are harmed physically and emotionally when improper care is given. Some examples of nursing home neglect include falls, bruises and broken bones, bedsores, and choking, to name just a few. If you see these problems with a loved one in a nursing facility it is likely caused by neglectful behavior of staff.

Prevention of Nursing Home Neglect

There are some steps you can take to help ensure that your loved ones do not fall victim to nursing home abuse or neglect.

· Visit Your Loved One Often · Communicate With Staff · Regularly Speak with Doctors · Ask Your Loved One Important Questions · Check for Bedsores and Bruises
Once you realize that neglect can be a problem you can more easily be on the lookout for it. Nursing home staff members depend on the fact that most neglect and abuse goes unreported. Very often, the needs of the elderly change over time. As people age they may begin to require more help with mobility. It is essential that you observe and communicate these needs to nursing home staff.

What to Do About Nursing Home Neglect

There are several things that can be done if you think that nursing home neglect has occurred. First and foremost, take steps to ensure the safety of your loved one. Seek medical attention and determine the best course of action to take. It may be best to move your loved one to a different facility. Report the problem to the nursing home management and if necessary, to a state agency. When your loved one was seriously injured or died due to nursing home neglect you may be entitled to compensation for damages that were incurred. If nursing home neglect or abuse has occurred, contact the legal team at Levin & Perconti to learn your options.

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