Nursing Home Lawsuits & The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Businesses are vital to our national health. Obviously all of us own, work for, and use the services of countless private enterprises each and every day. However, an understanding of the pivitol role companies (big and small) play in our society does not mean that any position taken by the business community is automatically the correct one. It is critical that all organizations be forced to abide by reasonable rules so that their conduct does not harm others and to ensure proper accountability when harm does arise. Unfortunately, there are times when large business interests–like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce–pursue policies that unfairly harm society as a whole. All of us who care about preserving the well-being of community fairness must stand against these dangerous organizations and arguments.

Community members whose family members are mistreated while at a nursing home fully understand the harm that comes when big business interests place their own well-being ahead of other members of society, often their very own customers.

Recently the American Association for Justice put together a slideshow listing ten different ways that the largest pro-business advocacy organization–the U.S. Chamber of Commerce–harms the country. Please click here to view the entire slideshow
For one thing, the organization promotes extreme hypocrisy when it comes to federal interference in private matters. For example, the Chamber is at the front lines of the fight against virtually all “regulations” that might force companies to take certain steps to act fairly and safely. In many cases these regulations do nothing more than ensure fair quality standards to keep consumers–like nursing home residents–safe from dangerous practices. All of this, it is argue, is unfair public meddling with private business. However, at the same time, when the recent recession hit, many of those same big interests were the first parties with their hand held out asking for government support to help them out of the hole. Apparently, government action is great when it helps them but it is awful when it helps others. This sort of hypocrisy is at the root of so much Chamber conduct.

Of course, when it comes to access to the civil justice system, the Chamber has a terrible track record. The entity is at the forefront of “tort reform” efforts. These reform effort are another way of trying to build legal immunity for the harm caused by different business practices–such as providing substandard care at nursing homes. As with the hypocrisy on government interference into private matters, the Chamber and its leading members fight for tort reform solely to protect its bottom line at the expense of everday community members who are harmed by their conduct.

Each lawyer at our firm is very proud to stand on the side of the majority of our community whose rights and well-being are constantly under seige by big interests like the U.S. Chamber. We will continue to advocate for fair policies that respect the legal rights of all community members and preserve the civil justice system as a bastion where both sides are treated the same—regardless of how large, rich, or powerful they might be.

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