Nursing Home Lawsuit Filed Against Negligent Facility

Frances Graham was 81 years old and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease when she died at the Andrew Elijah Guest Home – a health facility that was supposed to care for elderly residents in need of close supervision and care. However, Ms. Graham was unable to die with dignity, as her passing was caused by severe bed sores that were 4 inches deep in some areas, rotting down to the tendon. In addition, at the time of her death her body was covered in cuts and bruises. Eventually, her visiting son noticed that she was having trouble breathing; he demanded she be sent to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with pneumonia and died shortly after.

The chilling circumstances of her death prompted a nursing home lawsuit against the Andrew Elijah Guest Home, reports The Oakland Tribune. The pressure sores that had bore through Ms. Graham’s skin were caused by inadequate care, as staff members left her immobile in her bed for days at a time without proper cleaning and movement.

Also, staff members at the nursing home allowed another resident sharing a room with Ms. Graham to severely attack the vulnerable senior with a hair pick. The cuts and bruises found of her body were caused by the attack. The attacking roommate had a history of aggressive behavior and was unable to speak English. However, instead of properly investigating the new roommate to ensure that she posed no threat to Ms. Graham, nursing home staff did nothing and set the stage for the elderly assault.

On top of all of that, records revealed that staff members were illegally housing Ms. Graham at the facility, because the particular home where Ms. Graham stayed provided inadequate staffing levels for someone with her disability. The facility was intended only to house more functioning seniors. In other words, as soon as Ms. Graham was allowed to enter the facility, her mistreatment was virtually a foregone conclusion.

This isn’t the first case of negligence at the facility. Last year the nursing home was cited by public health officials because one resident suffering from dementia had not visited a doctor in five years. State law required yearly doctor visits.

Our Chicago nursing home abuse attorneys at Levin & Perconti remain shocked by the degree of abuse and negligence that pervades many elder nursing facilities. Far too many of our seniors are forced to live in squalid conditions with basic needs unmet, because nursing home administrators fail to commit the necessary resources to provide proper care. Please do not let similar acts of abuse go unreported. Contact our offices if you know any nursing home abuse or negligence.

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