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Nursing Home Lawsuit Filed After Resident Injury from “Flesh Eating Bacteria”

There is no limit to the harm that can befall nursing home residents when owners, operators, and staff members fail in their duty to provide reasonable care and safe conditions at all times. Things like broken bones, trauma injuries from falls and bed sores are some of the most common consequences of neglect. But there are many others.

For example, resident-on-resident violence can strike when proper oversights is not provided and safety protocols are ignored. In addition, the facilities themselves may be poorly maintained, allowing things like black mold to develop in certain locations with serious consequences for residents.

New Lawsuit
A new nursing home neglect lawsuit filed on behalf of a resident claims that she developed a serious injury as a results of a “flesh eating bacteria” while living at a nursing home. The woman moved into the facility in 2006. However, when at the facility, the lawsuit alleges that the woman’s feeding tube was not properly cared for. This allowed an incredibly dangerous bacteria syndrome to develop–known as necrotizing fasciitis.

The woman here developed a 15 by 18 inch lesion containing three liters of fluid. The injury extended through various layers of the abdominal wall. Debridement surgery was needed to remove the defective tissue.

Each Chicago nursing home neglect lawyer at our firm is intimately aware of the need to properly care for medical equipment like feeding tubes at these nursing homes.

It is critical for caregivers to clean the skin surround the tube (known as the “percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy” tube) on a daily basis. If corners are cut and the cleaning does not occur regularly, then problems often develop. This cleaning is on top of the need to ensure blockages do not occur or that the tube is not dislodged. A dislodged tube can result in food particles entering the abdomen with infection resulting.

Sadly, the most vulnerable residents are most at risk of suffering harm following neglect because they usually depend on caregivers for all of their basic needs. As this case demonstrates, residents on feeding tubes can be seriously hurt when those tubes are not cared for properly. The subsequent lawsuit argues that the infection was caused by improper care being provided with regard to the tube.

If you or a loved one may have suffered an injury caused by caregiver’s failure to act appropriately in our area, it is important to contact an Illinois nursing home lawyer to share your story. Many injuries that are explained away by caregivers–such as infections, sores, or falls–are often treatable back to neglect and unreasonable care. It is important for this mistreatment to lead to accountable Without accountability, then bad practices at many of these homes are never remedied. That means that many more seniors may ultimately suffer because caregivers, owners, and operators cut corners. In most cases it is not until their feet is held to the fire that important changes are made to prevent injuries in the future.

Do not delay, because timing is important in these cases.

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