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Nursing Home Lawsuit Filed After Resident Was Allegedly Tormented

Our Chicago nursing home neglect lawyers remain shocked by the conduct of some of the worst nursing home employees who seem to use their position of power to hurt those who count on them. In many ways it may be impossible to know exactly why some of these most heart-churning cases of nursing home abuse occur, but in all cases is it important to hold those responsible accountable. Fortunately, the vast majority of people who are hired to care for our loved ones at these facilities are honest, hard-working community members who genuinely care about helping those around them. It is only a very small number of people who seem to take advantage of their position in the most painful ways and cause the golden years of many of their senior’s lives to be the particularly painful and depressing.

On Thursday the Delco Times reported on a new nursing home abuse lawsuit where allegations are being made about a senior who was tormented at the hands of her caregivers. The civil complaint which was filed names a nursing homes, its corporate parent, and three employees at the facility for the harm that was caused to a 78-year old former resident. The family of the victim claim that their mother entered the facility as a happy, hopeful person, but after her abuse she is totally demoralized. The family removed their loved one from the home when they found out about the abuse, but they claim that the damage cause by the mistreatment continues to affect the woman’s life.

According to the complaint the senior was physically taunted and assaulted by the three caregivers as she stood naked from the waist up in her room. The family has video footage that shows the victim trying to escape her attackers only to be pulled back into the room and further ridiculed by the abusive employees. The family used a so-called “nanny cam” to catch the attack. The family initially went to the facility owners after discovering the abuse, by they dismissed the claims as attributable to the woman’s dementia. Instead, the family showed the footage to the local police department and a series of criminal charges have since been filed against the attackers.

Following the events state investigators revoked the license of the facility for gross incompetence, negligence, and misconduct. The facility had been required to report the family’s abuse complaint to the Department of Public Welfare. However that report was never made. Further inquiry revealed that at least three other complaints of abuse were never reported to the proper state and local officials.

Our Chicago nursing home attorneys remain saddened every time more information comes out about these events. It is completely unacceptable for individuals capable of tormenting a senior to be put in a position where they are forced to care for the elderly. It is even more shocking to consider the cost of this care is actually quite high. For example, the family in this case was charge $110,000 up front and $8,000 a month for the care their loved one was suppose to receive. Instead, she woman received care that no one should ever have to experience.

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