Nursing Home Industry Makes Secret Survey and Enforcement Proposals to Congress

In a secret Issue Brief being circulated in Washington, the American Health Care Association (AHCA) is asking Congress to turn back the clock on nursing home residents. The AHCA wants to repeal the current statutory requirement for annual surveys and nursing facilities and go back to a 1982 proposal for less-than-annual surveys. This will undermine years of work toward greater facility accountability. The new legislation asks that nursing facilities in the “Top Tier” have on-site surveys only every three years. The AHCA does not define “Top Tier” facilities, does not describe how they would be selected, and does not identify how many facilities would avoid annual surveys under its proposal. The nursing home legislation proposal also excludes, long-standing statutory language that authorizes the imposition of various intermediate sanctions against facilities that fail to provide residents with the care and services they need. To read more about the nursing home legislation, please click the link.

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