Nursing Home Found at Fault in Death of 91-year-old Woman

An investigative report released by a state’s department of health faulted a nursing home for the death of a 91 year old woman. The state investigation reached the conclusion that the woman’s death was preceded by a fracture of her cervical spine that could not occur without a violent incident of fall. The investigator also believes that somebody must have to know what happened even if she fell on her own because she could not have picked herself up from such an injury. The nursing home wasn’t cited for any formal violations of state or federal nursing care standards, because it thoroughly investigated the incident and retrained its workers in the required reporting of falls and other incidents. The woman suffered memory loss as well as advanced osteoporosis that put her at the risk for falls and this required the staff to help her with many daily activities. A consulted neurosurgeon said that the woman couldn’t have suffered the injury which is known as hangman’s fracture, without experiencing trauma. Falls can have a devastating effect on the elderly and it is the job of the staff to ensure that these falls do not occur. If you would like to read more about the nursing home negligence, click on the link.

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