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Nursing Home Faces Lawsuit for Negligence in Resident’s Death

A nursing home is thought to offer a protected environment for our elderly loved ones. It should be a safe place where we can rest assured that our relative will enjoy happy, healthy golden years. Unfortunately, nursing homes do not always provide the safe haven we hope for. A recent lawsuit was filed against a nursing home alleging negligent care led to the death of a resident. According to the lawsuit, the elderly woman was a resident of Symphony Countryside, LLC, in Aurora, IL, when she suffered a stroke which was not promptly diagnosed or treated. The woman died several days later as a result of the stroke.

Stroke Symptoms Went Undetected

The woman in this case apparently suffered a stroke but the nursing home staff failed to realize it. The lawsuit states that the staff and management violated the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act by not adhering properly to the woman’s care plan, by failing to provide a policy or procedure for providing proper care for patients with stroke symptoms, and for failure to monitor the woman’s condition. Further, the staff did not promptly notify the doctor to report health conditions. Had the stroke been more quickly detected and treated she may have survived.

Untrained Staff

Nursing home staff may not be properly trained to handle medical emergencies or to identify a serious medical condition. This lawsuit indicates that the staff may have been ill-equipped to care for a person with a stroke. Sometimes understaffing in nursing homes creates a situation where caregivers do not have enough time to spend with each resident. These concerns should be addressed through proper management and staffing. In this case, critical time was lost before the woman’s condition was noticed and treatment was rendered.

Proper Care is Required

As mentioned in the lawsuit, the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act is legislation in place to ensure the safety and protection of nursing home residents. When a person enters a care facility the staff must properly care for the individual, regardless of his or her specific needs. Some patients require more supervision than others. However, all residents require monitoring of their basic wellbeing and overall health. Failure to provide the necessary care is considered nursing home neglect.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect is more common than many people imagine. Failure to address a resident’s needs and health issues is a situation that should never happen. When it does, the nursing home is liable for their negligent actions or lack of care. If nursing home neglect occurs it can cause injuries that range from minor to serious or may even result in the death of the patient, as in this case. While no amount of money can ever bring back your loved one, it can help to pay for the expensive medical treatments that were needed as a result of the negligent acts. Additionally, the resident may have suffered a great degree of pain due to the improper care. In this case, the family is seeking damages of more than $50,000 and is requesting a jury trial.

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