Nursing Home Caused Resident’s Injury, Death – Lawsuit Filed

When we drop off our loved one at a nursing home we expect that they will receive the high quality care and supervision that we cannot provide on our own. Nursing homes are supposed to be safe for our relatives, yet sometimes this is not what happens. A recent lawsuit was filed claiming that a local nursing home was negligent and caused the death of a patient. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the woman’s estate and names a nursing home and parent company. The suit seeks damages of at least $50,000 and court and legal costs.

Nursing Home Care

Nursing homes are required by law to exercise ordinary care while providing treatment and assistance to residents. The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act is legislation that outlines the provision of care for residents living in care facilities. Nursing homes must provide proper care supervision regardless of the specific needs of each patient. When they fail to properly care for patients they are negligent. In this case, the woman resident developed pressure ulcers that became infected. The infection ultimately caused her death.

Pressure Ulcers Caused Infection

Pressure ulcers, also called bedsores, are actually quite serious and must be diagnosed and treated quickly. While they may seem rather innocuous, they can be deadly in elderly patients. Bedsores begin as small red areas on the skin. They develop on skin areas that rub against the bedding on a continual basis. As they worsen they become increasingly difficult to treat and when they break the skin an infection may soon follow. The appearance of pressure ulcers is a sign of nursing home neglect. Residents who are receiving proper care should not get bedsores.

Caring for Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers can become quite serious, especially once the skin breaks. They are also very painful. Bedsores develop on elbows, tailbone, heels, and other places that are in constant contact with the bed. Once a sore begins it has to be quickly noticed and properly treated to keep it from deepening. A deep bedsore could actually injure the tendons and muscle areas well below the skin. If an infection develops in an elderly person it can prove deadly. Bedsores must be diagnosed and treated by a physician.

Nursing Home Neglect

It is difficult to think about nursing homes as being harmful and unsafe, but many of them are. Nursing homes are often understaffed causing insufficient care and inadequate supervision. The staff may be poorly trained and the management may not enforce rules to ensure that proper care is given to patients. Resident may need relatively little help or may need assistance with all daily activities. When a patient is bedridden caregivers must frequently turn and reposition the person to prevent the formation of bedsores. A bedsore indicates a lower than required level of care and should be reported. Additionally, the patient should be seen by a doctor. If your loved one was injured because of neglect in a nursing home, contact the experienced lawyers at Levin & Perconti to protect your rights.

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