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Nursing Home Blamed for Woman’s Injuries

Nursing homes are expected to provide adequate care to all their residents. In fact, they are required by law to do so. Yet sometimes nursing homes fall significantly short in offering the level of care that is required by their patients. One recent case highlights some of the problems caused by nursing home neglect. A woman filed a lawsuit against Briar Place and Pershing Gardens HC Center alleging that negligence caused her injuries while she was a resident. The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $50,000.

Woman Suffered Fracture

The woman suffered a left lateral epicondyle fracture while staying at the nursing home. This is a specific type of fracture to part of the elbow, and is a somewhat rare occurrence. In this situation, the woman claims that she was not properly supervised or provided adequate care. She most likely fell, causing her to break her arm. According to the lawsuit, insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries from happening. A fracture to the elbow can be painful and difficult to treat and may require surgery.

Lack of Supervision

Lack of supervision in nursing homes is one of the most common complaints. Nursing home residents typically have many various special needs. They often have mobility problems that require assistance. They may need help with daily activities such as toileting and eating. When there is not adequate staffing to support residents, accidents and injuries can occur. In some cases, there may be enough staff but they are not trained or supervised to provide proper care.

Prevention of Injuries in Nursing Homes

Falls are the number one cause of injuries to the elderly. Falls happen quite often in nursing homes. Falls and other injuries can be prevented. Prevention requires increased staffing, caregiver training, and proper management. Additionally, the facility must be kept safe and free from hazards that could create a dangerous situation. Unfortunately, many nursing homes have accidents from time to time. When elderly residents fall, they are often severely hurt. It is estimated that about half of nursing home residents experience a fall at some point during their stay.

Nursing Home Neglect

Elderly people in nursing homes are neglected all too often. The result can be serious injuries or even death. Older individuals are more prone to fractures and other medical problems after a fall. This can lead to an overall decline in their health, especially if they need to undergo surgery or have reduced mobility because of the injury. An elderly person’s health can quickly worsen, triggering even more medical conditions. Victims of neglect, or their relatives, may be entitled to collect compensation for damages suffered due to negligence. Damages should include money to cover medical costs that were incurred due to the injury. They may also collect for pain and suffering that was endured directly because of the neglectful care.
Luckily, the woman in this case recovered and was able to file a case against the nursing facilities. If you or a relative was hurt because of neglect in a nursing home, call Levin& Perconti for a consultation today.

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