Nursing Home Blamed for Neglect in Death of Resident

Nursing homes are supposed to be trusted care providers for our elderly relatives. Sadly, sometimes nursing home neglect leads to injuries and even death. The son of a man who died in a nursing home has filed a lawsuit claiming that the man was not properly supervised or monitored and he suffered injuries that contributed to his death. The lawsuit names Lexington Health Care Center of Elmhurst, Inc. where the man resided.

Standard of Care

Nursing homes and other care facilities are required to provide a standard of care to their patients or residents. The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act is legislation that is designed to protect nursing home residents from improper or negligent care. It offers standards which must be followed by providers regarding care for their residents. Nursing homes are responsible for the care and supervision that is given to the patients while they live in their facilities.


Neglect is all too common an occurrence in nursing homes. Residents may require a great deal of individualized care, which the nursing home needs to be able to provide. Neglect may include lack of supervision, failure to meet the daily needs of a patient, or inability to assist residents with mobility, among other things. Many times, families or loved ones of the patient may not even be aware that neglect has occurred. There are a number of signs to look for when determining whether nursing home neglect has happened.

Signs of Neglect

It has been found that there are neglected nursing home residents who do not report the problem. This may be due to fear that they will be the victim of further abuse or may simply be because they are unaware that neglect has occurred. If you are visiting a loved one or friend in a nursing home, be sure to look for possible signs of neglect. Physical signs may include unexplained bruises, cuts or scratches, broken bones, malnutrition, pressure sores, and infections, among others. There may also be some emotional signs of neglect. The person may be depressed or less talkative than usual. They may also be despondent or emotional. Any changes in personality should be investigated.

Neglect is Common

Many people are surprised to learn that neglect occurs very often, even in some of the most popular nursing facilities. Neglect is often caused by not enough staff or by staff members that are poorly trained. Another problem could be poor management including the lack of policies and procedures. Older individuals often require help with their daily tasks, such as toileting, washing up, brushing their teeth, and brushing their hair. They also may require some help with standing or walking, even across the room. For example, if a nursing home resident must use the bathroom but there is nobody to assist him he may simply have to get up and try to walk there alone. This can cause falls that may have serious consequences.

If your loved one suffered neglect in a nursing home, contact Levin & Perconti to discuss your case.

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