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Nursing Home Aide Admits to Pinching, Hitting, and Kicking Dementia Patient

Work in a nursing home requires patience, care, and calm. It is undeniable that there are times when it takes resolve to comply with the necessary responsibilities to ensure the protection and safety of these vulnerable community members. The very reason why many of these residents are in the home is because the close care that they require cannot be provides by loved ones in other living arrangements.

However, the occasional challenge of this type of care is never an excuse for acts of abuse perpetrated on residents. A staff member should not be working at a facility if they lack the patience or understanding to work with residents, including those who may be suffering from mental ailments like dementia or Alzheimer’s. When employees can’t control their anger, nursing home abuse and neglect often results.

That is what happened in a recent case profiled by ABC News 27. A 93-year old resident was physically abused by one of her caregivers who had lost her temper. Apparently the care worker was assisting the resident who suffered from dementia when the resident pinched the care worker. The aide then retaliated by pinching the mentally ill senior back. The confused resident then apparently kicked the aide. The aide responded by slapping the resident and kicking her three times.

A concerned co-worker reported the abuse when she noticed that the resident’s arm was bleeding. At first the aide lied about the attack. However, after more questioning the abuser admitted to the violence. She explained that when she grew up if “someone hits you, you hit them back.”

Physical abuse of any kind cannot be tolerated at these care facilities. An Illinois nursing home lawyer knows that there are virtually no circumstances when it is proper for a care worker to lose control and harm the very individuals whom they are paid to keep safe. If you know of any outbursts like the one here, be sure to contact officials and ensure that the abuser is held accountable.

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