Nursing Home Advocates Stand Together Against the “Balanced Budget” Amendment

Our Chicago nursing home neglect lawyers closely following the actions all state and federal lawmakers, particularly when they are making decisions that may affect long-term care residents in our state. Considering that the majority of nursing home residents rely on public Medicare and Medicaid assistance, most financial decisions made by elected officials have ramifications for those residents. All those who care about eliminating Illinois nursing home abuse are well advised to follow these public budgeting issues and urge representatives to do the right thing to protect these vulnerable community members.

For example, over the past few weeks federal government officials have been making headlines as they disagree about the country’s immediate financial affairs. Specifically, some members of Congress are attempting to block the President’s proposals to temporarily life the “debt ceiling” so that money can be borrowed to pay for existing obligations-like those owed to provide seniors in nursing homes with basic day-to-day care. Many of the options currently being discussed to break this impasse involve severe cuts to the very financial system upon which nursing home residents depend.

That is why The Consumer Voice, one of the nation’s leading advocacy groups for the rights of these individuals is urging everyone to stand against proposals to cut Medicaid. The group rightly notes that 62% of seniors and those with disabilities depend on the program for their long-term care and services. Severe downsizing of the program might mean that literally millions of these individuals may not receive the quality of care that they need.

A proposed “Balance Budget” amendment would impose severe caps on the spending that various agencies could use to care for those needing their services. The caps are far more severe than any previous proposal. Some lawmakers are calling for these egregious cuts instead of simpler and far fairer options-such as closing egregious tax loopholes used by the biggest businesses. It is unconscionable for lawmakers to take resources from seniors while allowing the most profitable corporations to continue to rake in record profits.

The “Balanced Budget” amendment blocks common sense revenue raising measures that would restore long-term solvency to Social Security and Medicare. In so doing it protects more than a trillion dollars in expenditures in other areas while forcing severe cuts on programs that average citizens depend on.

Our Illinois nursing home abuse lawyers are proud to work each day to help those who have been harmed by inadequate care. Far too many seniors face struggles every day-the last thing they need is changes in the federal system slashing their means of support. Lawmakers unquestionably need to be prudent about getting the nation’s finances in order. However, they should not do so on the backs of our nation’s most vulnerable individuals. Many of those seniors have spent a lifetime working, paying taxes, and building communities. We cannot abandon those individuals at the very moment when they most need additional help and assistance.

Please consider visiting the Consumer Voice action website and sending a message to your representative letting them know where you stand.

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