Nursing Home Advocates Call For Cameras in Nursing Homes

Our Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers know that the prevalence of abuse at long-term facilities makes it important for all strategies that might improve care to be given a full hearing. There will likely never be a single magic bullet that will ensure caregivers always provide the quality of service which the law requires or force administrators not to prioritize profits over patients. Yet, there remain many potentially viable options that should be tested and further studied to determine if they are appropriate options for reducing nursing home abuse.

For example CTKB News reported this week on a group of elder care advocates who are calling on their state legislatures to install video cameras in long-term care facilities and nursing homes. The group explains that like many other community members they are concerned about the care being provided at all nursing homes and believe that recording the conduct may be the best way to fix the problem. The organization-known as the Guardian Angels Program-has stated that while they understand most nursing homes have some staff members that do their job well, there are also some who do not provide anywhere near the level of prudent care that they should.

The group explained that the cameras are likely in the best interest of both the staff members and nursing home residents. Residents who are victimized by nursing home neglect will have evidence of that abuse. In addition, much abuse may be prevented, because caregivers who previously might have cut corners would likely try to improve their service so as not to be caught acting improperly on camera. Staff members who consistently provide adequate care, on the other hand, will always have the video documentation to show that they did not act improperly if accused. There will be less uncertainty and more openness about the care giving process.

There are many ways in which the camera program could be implemented. For example, they could initially be put only in certain areas of a facility, such as in dementia wards. Some nursing home residents are more vulnerable than others. These individuals often have mental problems that make it impossible for them to report any mistreatment, and so they might be most in need for a set of constant observation. Also, the requirement to include cameras could initially placed on all new facilities and only gradually add them to existing homes. All options should be studied to determined their effectiveness and feasibility.

The Chicago nursing home neglect attorneys at Levin & Perconti appreciate all efforts to tackle the constant abuse and neglect problem. No stone should be left unturned when it comes to ensuring our senior community members are happy, healthy, and protected. A big part of protecting these residents rests in the observation of others outside the nursing home who report their suspicions and take steps to ensure that accountability is had. If you have any concerns about the treatment of seniors at a facility near you please sure to meet with a professional in the area to learn what legal options you have.

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