Nursing Home Abuse Whistleblower Jailed for Trespassing

One reason why so much Illinois nursing home abuse goes unreported is because so few individuals who suspect the problems take any steps to put an end to it. Our Chicago nursing home neglect attorneys understand that it is often difficult to take action when confronted with concerns about the treatment of loved ones at these facilities. However, nursing home residents remain some of the most vulnerable members of our community. They often do not have any voice when it comes to the care that they receive, and therefore they depend on others to take a stand to prevent abuse and neglect.

Shockingly, some nursing homes actively seek to discourage advocacy on behalf of local residents. Many of the largest nursing home chains are so focused on the bottom line that they cut corners and otherwise tolerate inappropriate treatment of residents so long as it keeps profits at a certain level. Some of these homes aggressively work to keep their mistreatment under the radar. A story yesterday in the Santa Barbara Independent emphasizes the extreme lengths to which some facilities will go to cover up their conduct.

As the article explained, a 70-year old Good Samaritan who had spent nearly three decades visiting residents at a local nursing home suddenly found himself barred from the facility after he reported abuse and neglect. The man simply took time out of his day to chat with residents, play games, and otherwise add to the lives of those at these facilities who far too often do not get many visitors. The activities director of the home even asked him to lead religious services at the location. Throughout the nearly thirty years of visiting the facility the man virtually never had any trouble with local management.

However, all of that changed last year when he uncovered shocking abuse and mistreatment at the home. The man reported the nursing home abuse that he saw to state officials. When local management found out that he had been the one who reported the misconduct, they barred him from the home. Of course, the man had developed close friendships with many residents at the facility and felt that the residents had a right to visitors, so he ignored the order and visited his friends there anyway. The nursing home management decided to call police and have the man arrested. He spent time in jail for the first time in his life.

Fortunately the man elected to fight the charges and they were eventually dropped. Not long afterward the negligent nursing home lost its ability to operate because investigations into the home had revealed serious violations the led to harm to residents and were detrimental to their quality of life. Our Illinois nursing home lawyers know that it takes passionate voices to step up and demand accountability. Fortunately, advocates do not have to do it alone. We have worked for decades helping those who have uncovered mistreatment at local nursing facilities. Please consider visiting our office if you suspect problems at a location near you.

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